Patricia Carmona

Alicia Carmona
Vice President


2015 – October - 100% of the share capital of EMA and EACC remains in the hands of Alicia and Patricia Carmona. Roberto and José Luis Carmona are no more owners of EMA and EACC and no longer part of the Board of Directors of these companies.

2005 – filters on furnaces 4 and 5 are put in place with the company´s own technology

2003 – filters on furnaces 2 and 3 are put in place.

1995 – the steel drums factory is inaugurated as well as the automation in the packaging plant.

1994 –recarburants production starts.

1993 – CaSi production starts.

1986 – the 5th furnace of the plant is designed and built.

1982 – all the shares are transferred to Argentine investors.

1971 – the 4th furnace of the plant is inaugurated.

1965 – the 3rd furnace of the plant is inaugurated with the presence of the President of the Nation, Dr. Arturo H. Illia.

1959 – the second production unit for the production of FeSi is inaugurated.

1950 – the first production of Calcium Carbide is obtained: EMA's first product.

1949 – French Pechiney Group begins the construction of the first hydropower plant.

1948 – French Pechiney Group begins the construction of the plant.

Our company considers its human group, made up of professionals, highly skilled workers and technicians, as an essential part of their capital .
This working group, in a permanent process of training, is a key factor in the sustainable development in our company.


EACC Empresa Andina de Carbureto De Calcio Electrometalurgica Andina Saic